Fresh Artists Needed

Are you an aspiring artist? A born creator? An emerging (or established) design talent without the platform to share your gift? Yes?.

How does it work? 
You send us your artwork and if we like it we mock it up on different products. We give you a log in where you can track the amount of times your design has sold and it also tracks how much you've earned. You will also get a specific page for your products. 

We work with local printers to have your designs produced and fulfilled directly to our and your fans. You can do this all while keeping the rights to your artwork.

Why is it great?

We take all the risk. We will handle all the inventory, overstock, and fulfillment while you relax and earn money!

How much do you earn? 
In between $1 to $2 depends on the type of product.

How do you get paid?
Via paypal on the 1st week of each month.

What do you have to do? 
Design, obviously, duh! We also require you to post at least 2 times a month via your social medias.

What type of art are we looking for?
All kinds! Funny, psychedelic, surreal, patterns, anime, and more.

Artwork Size (Width x Height):
Format: PSD
Color: CMYK
Graphic shirts and tanks: up to 11x15.75"
All Over Prints (150-300 DPI): 26x32"