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    7 reasons why 3d designs are the future of fashion

    People love to try new things in fashion. It doesn’t always work, but you have to admire the creativity as when an idea strikes gold, it’s worth the wait. Feast your eyes on the depth of detail in FRESHHOODS’ 3D designs, and you’ll wonder why no-one has done this before. Now indulge your curiosity to discover how a group of inspired street artists is quietly taking over the world.


    1. They Capture the Imagination.

    Fashion is about personality. Yet, traditional 2D designs often fall flat. But why be straight-laced anymore when 3D designs can free your imagination, allowing you to express yourself in incredible new ways and bask in creativity like never before.


    2. They Push Boundaries.

    When you take something flat and add depth, it delivers a texture you can almost touch with your eyes. It’s a unique experience, and one you might not associate with clothes. But you’ll catch yourself gazing at these amazing creations for hours, feeling more like you’re wearing art than fashion.


    3. There’s Endless Choice.

    When you go 3D, the material becomes a canvas to turn dreams into reality. Limitations disappear, which creates rows-upon-rows of innovative ideas, so you’re never stuck for choice. The risk of others wearing the same? None. There’s too much on offer, find something unique to you.


    4. They Brighten Your Day.

    It’s not just the intricate designs that stand out; the colors add shine to your life as they dance across the fabric. Whether it’s the rainbow unleashed by a Galaxy Tree hoodie or the swirl of Smokey Dreams – these artists understand how to use the palette to arouse emotion.


    5. They Stand Alone.

    To understand what sets 3D apart, look no further than the Infinity Tunnel: tricks of the eye, spells of the mind, these are entirely unique items that have risen from the depths of street artist genius. It takes an illustrator’s eye to dream up such novelty, which is why this street collective is taking the fashion world by storm.


    6. They’re Futuristic

    We’re moving towards a new world: one in which technology drives change, and what’s possible is beyond belief. So, why settle for less when the future promises more? Instead, embrace change and discover the opportunity that lies in this new dimension – it’s unlike any fashion you’ll have seen before.


    7. Support a Movement

    It’s rare you can experience a crusade during its earliest beginnings, but with 3D designs, you’ll get to say, “I was there when they became big.” It takes collective action for ideas to take hold and, while you might not have created the designs yourself, you can be among the few at the dawn of this new craze, supporting street artists in a drive for innovation.

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