From the beginning we collaborate with talented designers.

Are you an aspiring artist, a natural-born creator, or an emerging (or already established) design talent seeking a platform to showcase your gift? If yes, read on!

How it works?

Embark on an exciting collaboration with us by sharing your unique artistic creations. When you submit your work, it undergoes a thorough review by our dedicated team. We're always on the lookout for fresh, innovative designs that speak to our brand and our audience. If your artwork stands out and aligns with our brand's direction, it will find it's home across our array of products, giving you a fantastic opportunity to shine in the spotlight.

How it works?

In our commitment to transparency and ease, we offer all our designers a tracking system. Upon joining, you will be provided with personal login credentials. This will grant you access to a dashboard where you can monitor the frequency of your design sales. Beyond just tracking sales, this dashboard offers insights into your accumulated earnings, allowing you to watch your hard work translate into tangible rewards.

How it works?

Every artist deserves recognition and a space to call their own. To honor your contributions and uniqueness, we will dedicate a personalized collection just for your creations on our platform. This page will serve as a testament to your talent, offering visitors an exclusive look at your portfolio. Not only does this celebrate your artistry, but it also provides potential buyers a focused space to appreciate and purchase your designs.

The process:

We collaborate with local printers to produce and deliver your designs directly to both our fans and yours, all while ensuring you retain the rights to your artwork.

Why choose us?

The advantage is clear: we shoulder the risk. From managing inventory and overstock to handling fulfillment, we've got it covered. Your role? Simply design, relax, and watch your earnings grow.


Expect between $1 to $2 per sale, depending on the product.

Payment details:

Payments are made via PayPal during the first week of every month.

Your role:

Apart from your primary job – designing (obviously!) – we expect you to engage with your audience by posting at least twice a month on your social media platforms.

Art styles we love:

We're open to a myriad of designs, be it funny, psychedelic, surreal, patterned, anime-inspired, and beyond.

Artwork specifications:

  • Format: PSD/AI
  • Color Mode: CMYK
  • Graphic Shirts and Tanks: up to 11x15.75"
  • All Over Prints (150-300 DPI): 26x32"

Become our next fresh artist

Got the talent to shine with Freshhoods? If you vibe with our brand, let's collaborate; we're eager to hear from you!